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Beginners Guest Posting FAQs

What is guest posting or guest blogging?

Guest posting is a form of content marketing and one of the most common SEO techniques used by solo marketers, brands, and agencies today. A guest post is where someone will write a blog post to be published on a third-party website to promote the site or corporate brand they represent.

The benefits are many, but the most popular is increasing your website’s position in Google for the various keywords you want to rank for. Not only will you expose your brand to a new audience on the third-party publisher’s site – but you’ll also get a long-term increase in organic traffic from new visitors who find you in search engines.


Why does a guest post work?

Well, the high-quality, contextually relevant backlinks you get are a primary ranking factor in search engine algorithms. Simply put, if a site ranks above you for a keyword in Google, it probably has better content and more links.

However, guest blogging is a very resource- and time-consuming if you don’t have the infrastructure to scale – which is where we come in to do all the hard work for you.


Guest Post Content and Restrictions

Who writes content for guest posts?

At Authority Backlinks Agency, we have a large team of Native American and UK writers covering a wide variety of niches.

All experienced content writers create editorial-level content.

  • All writers undergo in-house SEO training.
  • Article topics are mapped into keyword relevancy clusters based on the term you want to rank for.
  • You get at least 1,000 words of unique, niche-related content.
  • All content includes images, internal and external links and is well formatted.
  • All content passes internal QA tests, grammar, and plagiarism checks.

These articles will be published by the site owner under their author bio, meaning they appear in the website’s standard editorial calendar.

Publisher site audiences will read them as a genuine recommendation or reference for your brand or business.


Publisher and Link Quality FAQs

Where are the guest post links placed?

Our in-house, professionally trained UK and US writers will create over 1,000 words of content for the keywords and page you’re trying to rank for.

Your links will be placed as a natural mention within a contextual, informative article. This means your link will appear as part of the natural flow of content, such as a referral or recommendation.

To maintain the editorial feel of the content, your link will be with other relevant internal links and not with competing external links. Your content is published by one of their authors and appears in the site’s standard editorial categories.

In essence, it won’t appear promotional and will be similar to the organic mentions that pick up your brand over time.


Order Process FAQs

How does the order process work?

Whether you order individual guest posts or take out one of our discounted monthly link packages, the order process is the same (and very simple).

  1. Select the links you want to order – contact us for advice or custom orders.
  2. Review and place your order – secure payments via PayPal, Payoneer and Stripe.
  3. We recommend letting us safely select anchor text using our internal tools, but you have the option to enter your own if you want.
  4. Every link you ordered will have forms with the URL and keyword you want to rank for.
  5. That’s it; we’ll do the rest – easy, right?

URL & Keyword Selection: After placing the order, you’ll get emailed your dashboard login. This happens before you enter the keywords and URLs – So if you’re unsure of what to pick, you can reach out to us for help, and the order will be held in your dashboard until you’re ready.

Reporting Dashboard: In less than 21 days, the placements will appear securely in your reporting dashboard. From there, you can manage your account, and your package subscriptions and research out to your account manager for help or support.

In 8 weeks, you’ll get a ranking report to show you the campaign results, giving enough time for positive changes to get reflected in the rankings.


Delivery and Results FAQs

What is your turnaround time for link placement?

If you are a reseller or agency, we understand the frustration when orders are not delivered in less than a month. That’s why all our orders are delivered in less than 5 to 10 days from confirmation – a very precise timescale.

The only time we will take longer than the above timescale is for large one-way custom orders. Typically, this is for clients who suddenly place 100 guest posts or a large Black Friday order, which can take as long as 28-42 days.

Even in this scenario, the links are added to your dashboard as they are placed so you will always have the majority of orders to report on when needed.


Custom & Bulk Orders FAQs

Are there any discounts for bulk or agency orders?

Yes. You can get discounts on the site in two ways:

1. Discounts are automatically applied when you scale orders for individual guest posts here – you’ll see a lower ‘average price’ as you order more.

2. We have link packages available with a 10-16% discount depending on the size.

If, for any reason, you would like a unique or custom order that doesn’t fit with these two options, feel free to contact one of our sales team who can assist you. Contact us here for a custom order.